Damoen Saduak Floating Market

Woke up 6am to be on the road by 7am so that we can reach the famous and touristy "Damoen Saudak Floating Market" which is in the outskirts of Bangkok, around 2 hours drive. We hired a private car (on a separate post) that brought the 6 of us to a whole day of sightseeing outside Bangkok! :D

This market is unlike the ones I've been in Ho Chi Minh where it was wholesale market there with barges and huge loads in their long big boats! Here in Damoen Saduak, it's the floating market I've been wanting to experience!

Interestingly, this is the exact place where some popular movies where shot like Bangkok Dangerous and one of the Bond 007 movie series! :D

A lot of merchandise are up for sale not to mention FOOD sprawling around the market! :) 

It was already a very "happening" place as early as 830am when we arrive! Much more when we dock back in at around 10am, there was already TRAFFIC in the canal! :)

Finally one list ticked off! Fun Fun FUN! 

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