Baguio's Korean Invasion

Name might sound puzzling for a Korean Restaurant but Wood Nymph is as authentic as it can be. Why is that so? Because upon entering the spacious wooden abode we were pleasantly greeted by a group of Korean customers! My barometer of testing the authenticity of a restaurant especially those specialty ones is to see whether they can attract "their local guests" to come in and enjoy. The restaurant is located a bit off the main road and you need to ask along the way just so you don't get lost in the winding roads of Baguio. Before you hit Nevada Square make a right turn to Old Military Cut Off road then a few meters to your left you will see the wooden gate entrance of Wood Nymph. For those who bought private cars, there is a right turn entrance to a parking lot where we entered. The restaurant was spacious with its open structure. The use of wood just adds to its appeal and cool ambiance. I also spied a heater stand which they might use during really cold months or even at night! Exploring a bit, I also found out that they have function rooms on the adjacent wooden house structure - great!

I was not surprised to see and know that Koreans have invaded Baguio. It might be because of the cool weather, healthy produce, and sprawling golf courses but they sure do bring their food wherever they go :) Koreans eat korean food (period). Where there are koreans, there are authentic kimchi (period). These people are becoming more and more like migrant Chinese. I wonder when they would formalize a term like "Koreatown" since there is a "Chinatown"? I won't be surprised if that happens one day. :)

Off to the Menu. Ever since the korean bug hit Manila, I've been a loyal follower not of those telenovelas but of their simple yet tasty everyday food that is healthy as well. To the extent that I created the "battle of the most number of appetizers served (free of course)" amongst the Korean Restaurants that I had the pleasure of visiting.. and revisiting (for some). I LOVE Korean Appetizers and I can't express that well enough! Those mini plates of fishcake, kimchi, sweet potatoes, sweeted dilis, steamed greens, raddish, and so on are enough for a meal! I will reserve more of this topic in a separate entry ^_^ Where was I? Oh, Wood Nymph... :)

Let's save the good ones at the end, alright?

  1. 6 appetizers served but 4 out of six were transformed and re-transformed veggies. Almost everything is just too spicy. I've had better korean appetizers that's for sure!
  2. Staff are not too knowledgeable on the menu. I also did not see a Korean host (usually there is one or two)
  3. Their tea was not warm and they even admit it.. [me] "Kuya, pahingi ng tea" Kuya brings tea and pour to my cup [me] "Kuya, hindi talaga mainit tea ninyo?" [kuya] "Hindi, maligamgam lang" NGEEEEEK!
  4. They served us with wooden chopsticks while our korean group neighbor were served with korean silver chopsticks... hmmm... very big minus sign. We requested for our silver ones, hmph!
  5. Beef was overcooked :( their explanation.. [WN] "Frozen kasi po eh" NGEEEEK!
  1. Good variety and choices of Korean fares.
  2. Fast service. I did not hear our tummies growl while waiting *_*
  3. Dak Bulgogi was a winner :)
  4. Chap Chae (which was recommended in other blogs) was also a must-order
  5. Their BBQ orders comes with complimentary Sang-Ju (i'm not sure my spelling is right) which is the serving of fresh vegetables, fresh garlic, and the secret korean red sauce (love!)
Going up and down Baguio's steep roads, I did spied on several Korean restaurants and would give these a try the next time I visit :)

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